Tradukey offers you translation services from English and French into Dutch. A good translator always translates into his first language, the one he knows best in all its subtleties. My objective is to create a fluent and accurate text while remaining faithful to the original text.

 Proofreading and revision

Besides translation, TraduKey offers revision and proofreading services. Revision means checking the quality and completeness of a translation. Obviously, this is done with reference to the original text.  One important aspect is ensuring terminological accuracy and consistency. Proofreading (grammar checking) does not require reference to the source text. It means reading a translation done by another person, or copy written in just one language, to correct any grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.


The term transcription refers to the process by which audio materials are transferred into a text format. This takes quite some time. One hour of registered audio takes approximately four to six hours to transcribe. And as you know, time is money. Would you like to outsource your transcription work in order to save time? Then you have come to the right place!